Personal attention. Flexibility. Choice.

It all comes into play in how we deliver our training and support services that are unique to your company. Our instructor services exemplify this mission by offering you several ways to get the personalized oneonone computer instruction and project assistance your company needs for effective utilization of software and technology. In a nutshell, ExecuTrain instructor services…

  • Provide flexible, focused one on one training sessions for individuals
  • Add to the effectiveness and impact of our traditional classroom training
  • Offer you on the spot software knowledge and assistance as you implement company projects

One On One High Impact Training
For those employees whose demanding schedules just don’t allow time for a class or those who have specific learning needs OneOnOne high impact training is the answer. An ExecuTrain certified instructor will work sidebyside with your employees using an individualized approach on that takes into account what each person really needs to be more productive on the job right now. This high impact learning experience, conducted at the employee’s workplace, may include highly customized
course content perhaps combining units of several of our existing business application courses…

Call it power learning. Training time is condensed, and training results are maximized because the time spent is completely focused on one individual’s specific job needs.