When should I hire a coach?

  • Hire a coach when you don't want to hire a full time employee. Or if your Excel spreadsheet takes a long time to open, get it optimized? Need custom reporting? Need to create a dashboard? database?
  • A Hire a coach when you need help with a challenging project. Need to impress your boss with custom charts and graphs which connect to your data? Need to develop a billing, HR or sales system? Want help to 'pump up' your PowerPoint presentation? Want help setting up your WORD legal briefing?
  • Hire a Coach when you are short staffed? Have a deadline to meet? Need to create a MS Project resource sheet for your task utilization? Want to create a macro for your work to streamline your process. Migrating to a new application and need help with your data transfer?

We supplement your staffing needs with our expert staff. Don't you want to become more efficient? We can help you find solutions for your challenges, fill out the 'Need a Coach' and we will provide you a FREE cost estimate. We have an on demand consulting group well versed in making your group more productive and efficient.
We've all been there: You take a training class and leave feeling that you got it all down pat until you run across something on the job that you wish you'd asked the instructor how to handle. That's when you Need a Coach!. With ExecuTrain's onsite expert program, your company can have an instructor on location to help with questions that happen at your company. It's an excellent followup to classroom training, because it expands the impact of the training experience with individualized attention as employees begin to apply their newfound skills to the job.