SAP WM Introduction

  • SAP architecture and general overview
  • What is a supply chain and how different modules fit in supply chain
  • SAP WM User functionality
  • SAP Master Data and Transaction Data
  • WM Process

Organization Structure

  • Definition on Organization elements
  • Plant/Storage Location
  • Warehouse
  • Storage type
  • Storage Section
  • Storage Bins
  • Quant
  • Storage Units
  • Assignment of Organization elements and making of Organization structure

Master Data in Material Management

  • Configuring Material Master
  • Configuring Storage Bins Structure
  • Configuring Storage type indicator
  • Configuring Storage section indicator
  • Define Picking Area
  • Configuring Special stock indicator
  • Generating Interim Storage Bin and Allowing Negative Stock

Put-away Search Strategies

  • Open Strategy
  • Fixed Bin strategy
  • Next Empty Bin strategy
  • Near Picking Bin Strategy
  • Pallet Strategy

Picking Search Strategy

  • FIFO Strategy
  • LIFO Strategy
  • Shelf life Expiration Strategy

Transfer Requirement

  • Configuration activities
  • Manual Creation
  • Automatic Creation

Transfer Order

  • Configuration activities
  • Manual Creation process
  • Automatic Creation process
  • Print process

Posting Change Notice

  • Configuration activities
  • Manual Creation process
  • Automatic Creation process

Picking Scenarios

  • Two-step(2-step) picking process w.r.t to multiple outbound deliveries
  • Wave Picking for multiple outbound deliveries

Warehouse Scenarios

  • WM with standard scenario
  • WM with STO scenario
  • WM with quality management
  • WM with special stock management such as sales stock, project stock
  • WM with Batch Management stock

Physical Inventory

  • Annual Inventory
  • Periodic Inventor
  • Cyclic Inventory
  • Integration
  • Integration of MM with Integration of SD, LE, FI, CO, PP, QM