Sexual Harassment Prevention


You work for a local company in a supervisory position. You’re familiar with the term sexual harassment, but as a supervisor, you want to ensure that you possess the latest information regarding sexual harassment awareness and prevention. In this course, you will obtain that knowledge.  

Course Objective: 

You will identify methods of educating and guiding supervisors and managers to prevent sexual harassment complaints and concerns.

Target Student: 

Any supervisor or manager seeking information for the first time and those who need a refresher on sexual harassment awareness and prevention.


There are no prerequisites for this course. 

Course Description

Module One: Defining Sexual Harassment  

  • Laws Prohibiting Harassment 
  • Harassment Defined  
  • Harassing Behaviors  
  • Quid Pro Quo  
  • Hostile Work Environment  
  • Unwelcome Conduct Creates a Hostile Environment  
  • Negative Effects of Harassment 

Module Two: Patterns of Harassment  

  • Who Can Be a Harasser?  
  • Specific Borderline Conduct Issues  
  • What is Not Harassment? 

Module Three: Prevention Strategies  

  • Preventing Harassment 
  • Preventive Measures  
  • Developing a Sexual Harassment Policy 

Module Four: Preventing Retaliation and Responding to Harassment  

  • Retaliation  
  • Defining Supervisor’s Responsibility 
  • A Supervisor’s Role and Response  
  • Reporting and Response Procedures for Supervisors 
  • Investigating Allegations of Harassment  
  • Remedying Unlawful Harassment