Customer Service: Listening Responding and Resolving


This course is aimed at students who are in the customer service field and want to improve their knowledge of customer service basics. Students will discuss what it means to have a service culture in an organization. They will examine customer service skills that include organization, communication, and personal motivation. This course also covers customer service as a process that includes greeting, listening, questioning, responding, and resolving. Students will discuss each step of the process in detail. Students do not need to have any prior knowledge of customer service to take this course.


Unit 1: Customer service basics

  • Topic A: Customers
  • Topic B: The service culture

Unit 2: Customer service skills

  • Topic A: Organization skills
  • Topic B: Communication factors
  • Topic C: Personal motivation

Unit 3: Greeting customers

  • Topic A: Greeting overview
  • Topic B: Phone and e-mail messages
  • Topic C: Rapport

Unit 4: Listening and questioning

  • Topic A: Listening
  • Topic B: Questioning

Unit 5: Responding

  • Topic A: Responding to customers
  • Topic B: Resetting expectations
  • Topic C: Working toward solutions

Unit 6: Resolving issues

  • Topic A: Customer appreciation
  • Topic B: Follow-up techniques

Unit 7: Using what you've learned

  • Topic A: The implementation phase
  • Topic B: Resources and tools

Duration (in days)