Learning Together is a win: win scenario -- Team Building and Training!!

Cultivate Your Employees...they are the drivers of growth!

In a competitive marketplace, retaining valuable employees is an ongoing challenge for many companies. Employers need to take a close look at how they foster and maintain a positive, productive, and motivated staff. One way that many organizations hang on to their top talent is by re-investing in their human capital, with award winning training. This enhances the specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities of a company's workforce. Smart companies provide their people with the opportunities and training they need to become drivers of growth for the company. Check out our training schedule and sign up your group for Instructor Led and/or Virtual courses in Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, Project Management, Leadership Development and much more.

Send them to our award winning training facility located in Ontario and we'll help your employees and you to become drivers of growth!

As unique as you are.

How many programs do you have on your computer? Are you getting as much out of these programs as you should? Most computer users underutilize their applications, mastering less than 20 percent of the available features. That leaves over 80 percent of the potential functionality either unknown or unused.

Delivery Options

With the success of more than 12 million learners under our belt, ExecuTrain can accelerate your learning by providing quality curriculum, instructors and resources at just the right time. Ask us about your specific training or consulting issues. We can create custom learning paths for your group with Instructor led training or virtual courses or online Instructor led virtual workshops. All our training is conducted with individuals who bring adult learning theories and real world experience to make the training fun and interactive


We can do the following:

We are an extension of your training department and we will help you with the following:

Customize/combine training to meet your specific needs
Provide reporting on who did what training, set up a training strategy
Identify any training gaps