We are an award winning training/consulting company, we were awarded the Top 20 Companies in the IT Training Industry for 2013. 2012. 2011. We are also a Microsoft partner. Outsource your training needs to us, we can help you retain your most valuable assets, your employees with quality training. Our trainers consult ANG our consultants train. We offer online learning, business skills training, learning management solutions, project management training, room rentals and consulting services. ExecuTrain's priority is to remain ahead of the curve with the most recent updates in technology, curriculum and facilities, thus allowing clients to focus on their core business. Call us today at 909-483-1670.

Training is a win:win situation. It empowers the individual with valuable knowledge to succeed and become more proficient and it also creates a ripple effect, just like a pebble in a pond, to extend to everyone in your company.

Looking for ways to increase your company's revenue? Invest in training your people. Studies have proved time and again that performance and profitability. We all know when money is tight, training budgets are amongst the first to be sacrificed. Before trimming the budget consider using alternative approaches available for training, including a variety of classroom and online delivery methods. If ROI is your goal we have the same objective in mind, to provide your company more value while spending less money. Together we will find the the best training resource and delivery options for your needs. Starting with a mature, stable, proven local vendor - ExecuTrain.

The list below identifies how you can make smart decisions and find hidden resources that may have been overlooked:

1. Promotions, Discounts or Significantly Reduced Class Prices -. Ask your Education Manager, 909-483-1670, for reduced class prices, limited time offers, membership discounts or bulk purchases. ExecuTrain can even 'deposit' your training budget, while you use it at your discretion throughout the year.

Private Group Classes (3 or more students) - You will find discounts up to 40% when you book a private group event. You choose - customize the topics, train at your location or ours, modify hours, catering or all of the above.

Half Day Hot Topics Training can be customized for your company. Your employees are already used to using GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect and Webex for meetings. Why not offer training topics the same way? ExecuTrain already does! Call your Education Manager 909-483-1670 for additional information.

Upgrading to new software- Microsoft recommends ExecuTrain of Idaho as it's go to training provider for Idaho companies that are considering a migration. We have the experience and the knowledge to provide innovative solutions and to make your investment-in both technology and your people-a success.

- Classroom Learning - Still the #1 training delivery method. You immediately recognize state-of-the-art equipment, a seasoned instructor and rows of desk, and even snacks. A comfortable , familiar, and distraction free training session. All this and more have made traditional instructor-led classroom delivery the most popular choice for decades.

-Live Online Instructor Led Learning - Not the 'blended' learning of the past. You won't find self paced or recorded slides in Live Online delivery. Live Online features the same seasoned instructors, courseware, and labs but is delivered via the internet. You will have a live audio and video feed of the trainer throughout the course. Mature and stable vendors, like ExecuTrain, offer this solution to decrease your training costs, travel costs and time. Most of the time students tentatively register for virtual classes, but once they attend a Live Online class, they are always ready to take more.

At your Site Learning - A steady rise in this delivery style indicates many companies are choosing On-Site training as the most convenient and affordable learning solution. The advantages are significant and include convenient, no travel, private customizable training tailored to your organization. Plus a price tag that can save you almost 40% over standard public classes.